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Exchange & Erasmus

"An exchange is not simply a semester of study at a foreign university in a land far from home. In filling out that stack of rather tedious documents and learning agreements etc etc etc you are signing onto an expedition of self discovery. The word exchange could easily be switched for discovery."

Caroline Burke, Home University: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Exchange students, both undergraduate and graduate, can take a broad variety of courses, taught in German or English.

Please note:
In order to successfully take and finish courses at the University of Konstanz, exchange students should be fluent in either German or English. This translates to a B1/2 level of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages. 

If you wish to attend courses offered by several different departments, this is certainly possible. However, please make sure that most of the courses you wish to take also correspond with the subject area(s) you are studying at your home university. 

Courses for Undergraduates

For undergraduate (Bachelors) options, please see here.

Courses for Graduates

For graduate (Masters) options, please see here.

Departmental Exchange/Erasmus Information

Find here the current list of all Exchange/Erasmus coordinators. 

The following departmental websites contain relevant exchange/Erasmus information: 

Faculty of Sciences 

Faculty of Humanities: 

Faculty of Law, Economics, Politics 

Courses on Cultural and Regional Studies

Furthermore, the Language Institute ("Sprachlehrinstitut” (SLI) regularly offers special courses for exchange students on country, regional and cultural studies in English, which can be taken across all subjects. Here, too, exchange students can earn ECTS credits for successfully attending these courses. You can find these courses in the LSF at within the "Interdisciplinary Programs" of the "International Office".

Study international - Workshops/Courses (some with ECTS credits)/Lectures

Additional lectures such as “German Academic Culture” or Principles of Academic Work” or ‚International Job Applications’ complement the above mentioned course offerings ideally. A full list of additional offers can be found here.