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Living in Konstanz

"My first encounter with my flatmates was like walking into a United Nations conference. With Australia, France, South Korea, Croatia, Hungary and America we represented the four corners of the world. Living, cooking and cleaning together was both absolute chaos and great fun."

Caroline Burke, Home University: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Accommodation in Konstanz

Konstanz is a city with an extraordinary high level of living quality and is therefore not only popular among students, but also among families, outdoor-freaks and the elderly. Due to the border to Switzerland and the natural boundaries given by Lake Constance, available housing space is limited, highly demanded and prices are not always moderate. For this reason, it is recommendable to provide enough time for checking all options. 

Living in a Student Residence of Seezeit

The Studentenwerk Seezeit (Student Services) is the biggest provider of student housing in Konstanz and offers more than 1.800 places in their Halls of Residence. These rooms are generally located in single or double flats as well as in smaller and larger shared flats (called Wohngemeinschaften - WGs). Though flats might be shared, it is guaranteed that students get their own room. Due to the great demand, the rooms are allocated randomly. This is why it is important that international degree-seeking students should make sure that they apply for a place in a hall or a dormitory as soon as possible. International exchange students benefit here, because they can usually be sure of a guaranteed room as long as they apply and transfer the deposit within the application deadlines (see below).  

Some of the halls are located close to the city centre and close to the river Rhine, while other accommodation facilities lie directly adjacent to the university. This means that all the halls are well connected to the university and are easy to reach on foot, by bike or by bus. The rents for single and double occupancy flats as well as rooms in shared flats lie between 260 and 350 Euros per month, depending on the room size. In the halls of residence, the flats are furnished.  

1. Application for Exchange Students and DAAD-scholarship holders

Students who come to Konstanz within an established exchange programme (ERASMUS etc.) have to apply through the International Office, together with their regular application for admission as an exchange student at the university. The link to apply online will be sent out to nominated students. The application deadline therefore is

Winter Semester: 15 May
Summer Semester: 15 November

Similarly, the deposit of 550 Euros must have been received by this deadline. Please transfer the payment (bank transfer) to:

Recipient Account: Seezeit Studentenwerk Bodensee
Bank:     Sparkasse Bodensee
IBAN: DE79 69050001 0000 040709
Account number: 40709
Bank code:   690 500 01

When the deposit has been repaid, a flat-rate administrative sum of 50 Euros will be retained so that only 500 Euros are returned after leaving the flat or cancelling / terminating the contract and if the flat is in good condition.

Please Note:   

  • Essentially, you can only rent accommodation for the specified amount of time given in the online application. 
  • You can only rent a space in the Student Residence for a maximum of 2 semesters; should you stay longer, please start looking for private accommodation early and/or apply directly online to Seezeit Studentenwerk Bodensee. The Seezeit Online Application can be done at any time on the Internet under the following web address: www.seezeit.com/en/index.html (Accommodation)

2. Application for Degree-Seeking Students and Free-Movers 

International degree-seeking students as well as Free-movers apply directly online to Seezeit Studentenwerk Bodensee. The Seezeit Online Application can be done at any time on the Internet under the following web address: www.seezeit.com/Wohnen (Accommodation)
If you have any questions relating to the application process, please send these to Seezeit Studentenwerk Bodensee. e-mail-Address: studentisches.wohnen[at]seezeit.com  (Accommodation)

Accommodation with seezeit will be randomly allocated due to the high demand, i.e. not every international student can be offered a place. Please consider alternative options from the beginning.

3. Confirmation

If a place is available, you will receive a confirmation of reservation by seezeit. This will be sent to you on the following dates:

Winter Semester:  Moving In on 1 September: as from 1 August
  Moving In on 1 October: as from 1 September
Sommersemester: Moving In on 1 March:  as from 1 February
  Moving In on 1 April: as from 1 March.

We regret that we cannot answer any questions or queries before these dates. 

Please Note: You can only move in on a working day (i.e. from Monday to Friday) and only during the opening hours specified on the Reservation Confirmation. If you travel / arrive on any other times, please be sure to make arrangements for alternatives (temporary accommodation).

Those who so wish can borrow bedding, bed linen, pillow cases, duvets and/or quilt covers for 15 Euros from Seezeit Studentenwerk Bodensee. If not, please be sure to bring your own bed linen sheets and covers or purchase it here. Towels are not provided so please bring your own or buy some in Konstanz.

Other student residences

Student residences of private providers More

Mainaustrasse 172
78464 Konstanz
 +49 7531 - 457060
e-mail: info[at]humboldt-institut.orghttp://www.humboldt-institut.org/ 

The Humboldt-Institut is a private language school close to the campus with a student residence hall. Rooms in this hall are also offered to non-language school participants if available. There are single and double rooms which you can rent per week/month. Including cafeteria, no cooking facilities. 

Temporary Accommodation 

If you obtain a place in a student residence, but are unable to arrive during opening hours, you need to make arrangements for temporary accommodation. You have the following affordable options: 

Konstanz Youth Hostel
Deutsche Jugendherberge (DJH)
Zur Allmannshöhe 16
D-78464 Konstanz
Tel.: +49 (0) 75 31/3 22 60 | Fax: +49 (0) 75 31/3 11 63
e-mail: info[at]jugendherberge-konstanz.de | www.jugendherberge-konstanz.de

  • A valid international youth hostel card is required. Youth hostel cards can be bought at the youth hostel.
  • Getting there: bus number 4, bus stop “Jugendherberge”. Walk up the hill.

Jugendherberge Kreuzlingen
Promenadenstrasse 7 
8280 Kreuzlingen (TG)
Tel: +41 71 688 26 63 | Fax: +41 71 688 47 61 
e-mail: kreuzlingen@youthhostel.ch | youthhostel.ch/kreuzlingen
Getting there: Train station Kreuzlingen Hafen, then 700 m on foot

Mainaustrasse 172
78464 Konstanz
 +49 7531 - 457060
e-mail: info[at]humboldt-institut.org | http://www.humboldt-institut.org/

Andys Hostel
Fürstenbergstr. 104
78467 Konstanz
Tel.:/SMS: +49 (0) 1520/1 75 72 72
e-mail: info[at]andyshostel.de | www.andyshostel.de

  • Without breakfast, kitchen available.
  • Getting there: bus number 2, 3 or 12, bus stop “Fürstenberg”

Gerry's Backpacker
Byk-Gulden-Str. 33
78467 Konstanz
+ 49 7531 64006
E-mail: gerry_kn@t-online.de
Anfahrt: Bahnhof Wollmatingen | Bushaltestelle Riedstrasse, Linie 6 (Stadt); 11 (Universität)

Aqua Hotel & Hostel
Opelstrasse 6
78467 Konstanz
+ 49 7531 12737-0
E-Mail: info@aqua-hotel.de

Hotels within walking distance of the train station

Pension am Fischmarkt

Hotel Restaurant Barbarossa
Obermarkt 8-12 | D-78462 Konstanz
Tel.: +49 (0)75 31/1 28 99-0 | Fax: +49 (0)75 31/1 28 99-700
E-mail: wiedemann[at]barbarossa-hotel.com | www.barbarossa-hotel.com

Hotel Goldener Sternen
Bodanplatz 1 | D-78462 Konstanz
Tel.: +49 (0)75 31/2 52 28 | Fax: +49 (0)75 31/2 16 73
E-mail: hotel-goldener-sternen[at]t-online.de | www.goldener-sternen-konstanz.de

For further hotel information :
Tourist Information Konstanz
Bahnhofplatz 13 | D-78462 Konstanz
Tel.: +49 (0)75 31/900-13 30 30 | Fax: +49 (0)75 31/900-13 30 60
E-mail: info@ti.konstanz.de | www.konstanz.de/tourismus

Private Accommodation in Konstanz

Looking for private accommodation in Konstanz takes time and patience – and luck! It is best to arrive early and look when here. Chances to find a place are significantly higher if you speak in person to the landlord or “WG”. 

You may be able to find private offerings 

Please be aware of scam–ads written in the Internet. Possible indications that someone maybe trying to cheat you are:

  • English advertisements
  • passport copies of landlords sent
  • money to be sent via Western Union or MoneyGram, possibly to an account in theUK
  • requests for deposits ahead of your arrival 

Therefore, never rent a room without having seen it before.

Accommodation for Help

Gardening, baby-sitting, tidying up, socializing - following the principle of "accommodation for help" students support their landlords and landladies in the household and, in exchange, pay less rent. By this way, one hour help corresponds roughly to a reduction of rent for one square meter. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation and if you are interested in committing yourself socially while appreciating living with locals and lending a hand, this is the right thing for you.

For students of both Konstanz universities and senior citizens, families and people with disabilities. Registrations are coordinated by seezeit - Wohnen für Hilfe.

Living in Switzerland


Living in Switzerland would usually be possible for students with EU-nationality. In any case, you have to apply for a Swiss residence permit.


www.kreuzlingen.ch or Migrationsamt Kanton Thurgau


For international students of the University of Konstanz who are Non-EU citizens, getting a residence permit for living in Switzerland is not possible. Renting a room in Switzerland is therefore no feasible option. 

Emergency accommodation

The Studentenwerk seezeit usually provides emergency housing at the beginning of the winter term. Those of you who have arrived in Konstanz already and haven’t found any housing yet will be able to get a low-budget place to sleep – less expensive than a hotel. Please contact  Seezeit-Service-Center in the entrance hall of the university.

Campaign: "Do you have a sofa for me?"
The ASTA which is the university student union usually organizes a platform for emergency housing before the winter term starts. Please write an e-mail to asta@uni-konstanz.de.

Tricks and advice

How does the German housing market work? Tips and vocabulary